We go TV.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to take part in a video for WEGO Health as they prepared to launch a new site full of videos from health activists offering “advice, information, and wisdom” on their health conditions.

WEGO Health TV made its debut yesterday. In addition to the video on diabetes burnout in which I participated (with Emma, Scott, and Kerri), there other conversations between diabetes health activists as well as between those with other conditions such as multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, joint pain, and sickle cell disease. (The ones on multiple sclerosis are particularly good, be sure to check it out – it is what motivated me to be part of this project at large.)

These are real people talking about real life with their health conditions – in their own homes, with their own vlogging tools, with editing help from WEGO Health.

Fantastic idea, indeed. (And thank you, WEGO Health, for letting me be a part of it.)

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