Lasting impressions.

I know, I know. I never can say enough about Jenni and her fantastic ChronicBabe website that helped me along my journey towards accepting all my physical and mental health concerns. In return for all the support she and her community have given to me over the years, I’m helping her out a bit over at the forums in a more formal role as Midtern. I came up with that name on my own, short for mid-thirties intern.

I thought I would take a look back to the first impression I had of ChronicBabe – almost exactly five years ago – March 2, 2006.


I feel isolated from other people my age at times. Dealing with type 2 diabetes at age 29 does that. Dealing with hypothyroidism does that. This year has been a time of self re-evaluation – just when I thought I was on track with my life, I got the double whammy diagnoses and everything changed.

Right now, I am dealing with more hair falling out, something that can be a side effect of both high blood sugars and hypothyroidism. Right now, I am not sure which is the culprit. My blood sugars have been running on the higher side (for me) after meals. I had a dosage change on my thyroid replacement hormone in December and have been putting off blood tests to see if it needs to be increased yet again. I avoided having my picture taken at a family wedding last weekend because I had grown sick and tired of seeing myself with thinning hair.

Kerri posted today about a website that may provide some comfort called Chronic Babe. I need to check it out a bit further, but I think it is just what I needed. A reminder how I have pledged to make my 30′s healthier and happier than my 20′s. A reminder that there are other women balancing chronic health issues with an otherwise happy, well-adjusted life.


Wow. That post is so old, it was before Kerri even had her own domain name! (I fixed the link for this post.)

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2 Responses to Lasting impressions.

  1. Jenni Prokopy says:

    aw, shucks! that is super fun to read. glad to have you on board as a staffer now, babe! xoxoxo

  2. Sandy says:

    Hi new “Midtern”!!! Welcome to chronic babe!! Sorry you belong to the club, but happy to “meet” you!!! I’m excited to work with all the wonderful babes at chronicbabe!!


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