The twentieth truth.

(This comes from the 30 Days of Truth meme, an ongoing blogging project that I hoped to finish by the end of the year…maybe by the end of January?)

Day #20 - Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Oh, what a loaded topic.  So I’ll keep it simple and short.

Most illegal drugs are illegal for a reason and should be kept illegal.

Though I’m not sure marijuana should be illegal, and I do see how people with real medical conditions can use it to ease pain.

Alcohol, like marijuana, can be used quite responsibly or awfully irresponsibly.

I know, I’ve done both.  I mean, I’ve used alcohol responsibly and irresponsibly, never once tried pot or any other currently illegal drug.  (Other than contact highs, which are plenty in Boulder.)

I do think the drinking age could be lowered back down to 18 with enough education on responsible vs. irresponsible drinking.  I do believe college kids today are smarter about drinking and driving than twenty years ago.  It might stop some binge drinking from occurring.

One more thing – legal prescription drugs may be used irresponsibly as well – we can’t forget that.

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One Response to The twentieth truth.

  1. tmana says:

    Hmm. You’re a lot more conservative on the matter than I would have expected! I believe all drugs have risks and benefits — dependent upon dose and use — and it should be up to the individual (possibly in conjunction with his healthcare team) which ones to use, in which doses, and when. I do not believe it the proper function of government to regulate which ones we may or may not use, or under what circumstances, EVER. (That said, I do believe that individuals should be held responsible for any harm done to other individuals and/or their property regardless of what drugs that are, or are not, consuming.)


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