Winter solstice.

December 21.  Winter solstice.

While not quite the momentous occasion of the return of daylight savings time, this is the day when those with seasonal affective disorder breathe a little sigh of relief.

It is the promise of the upswing of daylight, where each day stays a little brighter a little longer.

Oh, there is plenty of winter weather to come, complete with clouds and snow and cold.   Sunshine is not expected each and every day (though walks in the midday sunshine are recommended when available).

It is simply the idea of increased brightness of daytime contrasted with the decreased darkness of nighttime that lifts spirits upon this, the winter solstice.

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2 Responses to Winter solstice.

  1. Stefan Jagger says:


    I’m actually happily surprised to find that it’s Winter Solstice – it seems like 6 minutes ago since it was the Summer one.

    Time flies fast, make the best of it.


    PS – Found my wait here via Twitter Trends! Magic.

  2. Sarah says:

    The best day of the year!! I love it!!!


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