A different kind of Friday cat blogging.

The other night, one of our cats made an appearance in one of my dreams.

That’s far from unusual.

The fact that I remember the main plot of said dream?

That’s unusual.

So, we are staying at some posh hotel in Las Vegas.  Even though I loathe Vegas.  And the hotel can’t be TOO posh, as our fancy room overlooks a vacant lot.  For whatever reason, we brought Kahlua with us.  Why not any of the other four, I don’t know.  Maybe because she’s the smartest of the bunch, or perhaps because she always walks around with purpose, like a cat on a mission.

Anyways, Kahlua keeps escaping the room and going on adventures throughout the hotel.  She stops thieves in their tracks and hunts down murder suspects.

That’s all I remember.

Except that I keep imagining Kahlua’s adventures and wondering if it would make a good book.

She would be like a mature version of Eloise dealing with crime instead of creating mischief.

Except she’s a cat.  Named after a liqueur.

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One Response to A different kind of Friday cat blogging.

  1. mhoskins2179 says:

    AWESOME! I love it, and would so buy that book… as long as there’s some plot-twist about the cat gambling at the slots and winning a jackpot of catnip. Or something like that.


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