Tweets of the week: Poop edition.

Sara noticed a trend, so I’m running with it…
@talesofrachel you’ve been talking about poop a lot lately :P #

  • Soon, I can go home and see if Perl trapped herself in the box again. #
  • Congressman Weiner is on Olbermann and I can’t help but giggle. #
  • Wow. #criminalminds was. Wow. Tonight. #
  • Sometimes I get so excited over grabbing the day’s mail that I forget that November 11 is a holiday. Yeah. That was me checking my mail. #
  • I hate coming home at dusk. #
  • But I do love when four out of five cats are waiting for me as I fumble with my keys at the front door. #
  • Settled on The Sweet Hereafter. Probably going to be more depressing than I need, but oh well, been wanting to see it forever. #
  • Dear cats: There are three litter boxes scattered throughout house. Why must you do all your pooping in one particular box? #
  • I’m going to pretend I never heard about Brian Urlacher and Paris Hilton. (Yeah, I know it’s OLD news.) #
  • Thundersnow!!! #
  • It occurs to me that these dark-chocolate covered walnuts I got look kind of like poop. Um. Gross. #
  • Hmm, so Prince William gave Kate his mother’s engagement ring? Um, isn’t that kind of tainted? #
  • I love when a cat curls up next to me and starts farting. #
  • “deep fried deer poop” #glee #
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