The sixth truth.

(This comes from the 30 Days of Truth meme, which Julia and Cinnamon have also pledged to do.  I will not post a truth every single day, but like Cinnamon, I’d like to finish by the end of the year.  We’ll see.)

Day #6 – Something you hope you never have to do.

The other night, a local newscast showed insight into an emergency drill at a hospital by filming a hypothetical emergency c-section.

And it brought me back to my own emergency surgery for a 10-centimeter abscess of still uncertain unknown origins, nearly a year ago.  And it brought me back to a series of nightmares I experienced recently.

I never want to be told surgery or ICU or even the worst again.  I never want to know that my blood pressure is dangerously low, that my white blood count is dangerously high, that maybe even my kidneys could be affected.  Ever again.

I never want to be able to remember being wheeled into the operating room, those bright lights shining into my weak eyes, the concern of surgeons and nurses, the feeling of being so cold.  Ever again.

Because now I know the other way to surgery.  Planned and prepared.  And, oh, the availability of a form of Valium before being wheeled into the operating room so I need not remember that part.

This may turn me into a bigger hypochondriac than I already am, wanting to make sure that any twinge or ache in the abdomen is not an urgent issue.

(Though I am unsure what else could happen to warrant emergency surgery.  Now the diseased appendix is gone, a problematic dermoid ovarian cyst is gone, and no chance of pregnancy is possible due to one diseased tube removed and the other ligated.)

Emergencies suck.  And I hope I never have to live through experience another.

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3 Responses to The sixth truth.

  1. colleen says:

    And I hope the same for you!

  2. Elly Lou says:

    “And I hope I never have to live through another. ” I hope you never have to EXPERIENCE one again. But if you do, can you do me a solid and please live through it?


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