Days of Grace: 364-365/365

  1. Last glimpses of warm weather (though you never know in Colorado…?)
  2. Good books make for more exciting bus commutes than simply taking a nap.
  3. Sinus headache didn’t ruin Friday night plans.
  4. A good night with friends chatting, playing Trivial Pursuit, and watching the VHS-to-DVD memories of my husband’s and their high school years.
  5. Glad that some of the high school group is still in touch – and being okay with the idea that my high school years weren’t nearly as good as theirs – college is where my closest friends came from.
  6. The couple who has been together for twenty years next month (and were best man and a bridesmaid at our wedding).
  7. Hosting one of the friends overnight – even though we just saw her in Seattle – and exploring our bookshelves with her – a kindred spirit in “good reads”.
  8. Cats who entertained our guests and warmed up to friend in #7 this morning.
  9. An ideal autumn Saturday – crockpot cooking and football.
  10. An interesting year coming up with five thoughts of grace each and every day.
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