Days of Grace: 362-363/365

  1. Being able to wear sweats to work on Wednesday, when all my autumn clothes either (a) didn’t fit or (b) were dirty.
  2. A busy day catching up at work, almost enough to make me forget all my troubles for a few hours.
  3. Back to home cooking.
  4. Back to decent coffee at home.
  5. Back to organizing another local diabetes meetup.
  6. Cats who did let me sleep last night after a trying first night home with them.
  7. Great feedback on a difficult post to write.
  8. Heat at night, a/c during the day.
  9. An effective day at home today, taking care of all sorts of chores and administrative tasks for ourselves, our cats, and our home.
  10. It’s almost the weekend…again.  (Always needed after vacation ends mid-week!)
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