Days of Grace: 342-344/365

  1. Light box therapy.
  2. Trying my best to laugh instead of cry.
  3. And to think positively instead of negatively.
  4. Remembering why I don’t watch the news regularly anymore.
  5. Gorgeous late summer / early autumn weather.
  6. And yet…chilly mornings, allowing me to wear my favorite zip-up sweatshirts.
  7. Winter squash season approaching.
  8. Excellent health insurance.
  9. Flu shot obtained.
  10. Surgery scar “looks great” according to primary care provider.
  11. Being honest with myself and knowing I need to cut down on coffee and meal portion sizes.
  12. Food truck near day job provides a different kind of lunch, which allows the ability to control portions well on Fridays.
  13. Picking up more hours at the day job next week.
  14. Figuring out answers to questions that should have been answered long ago at the day job.  Proud that I finally did figure them out, though.
  15. Picking up another consulting gig that reaps benefits if not cash.
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