Psychological pain – Invisible Illness Week 2010.

Putting on a happy face all week long at work may mean a weekend spent in bed weeping and sleeping.

Dining out or attending concerts or going to parties may drain precious moments of calm and bowing out early may become necessary to avoid anxiety at its worst.

Even when enjoying photographing cats, or watching football, or traveling around the country, darkness may be settling deep inside the mind for a long winter’s nap.

Sometimes writing upbeat, positive, or even funny items allows a memory of what it feels like to be upbeat and positive and funny – and may bring hope and joy and laughter back to life.

Mental illness can be invisible, too.  Psychological pain can be every bit as devastating as physical pain.

If you are in pain (mental OR physical), you are not alone.

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  1. Elly Lou says:

    Well said. Bravery is exhausting.


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