Tweets of the week.

  • Time to relive my crushes on Brandon, Dylan, and Steve this #90210 day. #
  • Just the very beginnings of fall color at Monarch Pass. #
  • Husband performed an act of involuntary manslaughter in impractical car on a chipmunk. #
  • Wild night at #igniteboulder, or so I hear… RT @userealbutter There is a bat flying loose at chautauqua auditorium. #
  • Laughing at Florida as Miami (OH) is kind of kicking their ass. #
  • Of course, as soon as I started taunting Florida, they started playing better. Of course. #
  • Awaiting barbecue lunch after a couple short hikes near Flagstaff. Emphasis on “hike”, not nearly a walk. #
  • Now headed north on 93, smoke getting thicker from#boulderfire, probably won’t go walking tonight if smoke is bad at home. #
  • Usual 45-minute workout. Usual sweat. Usual #sweatbetes. #
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