1. Hot pastrami sandwich for lunch yesterday to remind me of my New York City experience, to establish a “calm blue ocean” effect at the day job.
  2. Seeing the names of friendly faces on the Panel Picker for SxSW Interactive.
  3. Barbecue.  From the place we ate the night I went into the ER and later admitted to the hospital last December for five days, including invasive surgery.  For the first time since December for dinner last night.  (And for lunch today.)
  4. Setting up a Meetup.com group for local adults in their 20′s, 30′s, and 40′s with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  (Unique needs balancing diabetes alongside careers, marriage, families, financial planning, etc.)
  5. Settling on our likely early October vacation spot – Seattle/Victoria/Vancouver – if I can swing yet more time off the day job.
  6. Waking up fully refreshed for the first time in weeks.
  7. Establishing an exercise/work/housework routine for the days I’m home attempting to make a living out of diabetes and chronic illness advocacy work.
  8. Accidentally leaving the master bedroom closet door open, only to find two napping cats (Perl and Athena) on high shelves.  (I thought it was adorable, not annoying.)
  9. Extra Mint Chocolate Chip gum, as provided in BlogHer ’10 swag bags to introduce the product.  It is almost like ice cream – almost.
  10. Bookshelf Porn.

2 Responses to “Days of Grace: 301-302/365”  

  1. 1 Lauren

    It sounds like you did a lot of things that made you smile or made your life better and that’s awesome! And as far as the napping cats on the bookshelf? Too cute.

  2. 2 Scott K. Johnson


    I’m glad you reminded me of the meetup.com thing – it’s something I keep meaning to look into.

    And Mint Chocolate Chip gum? I love the ice cream, but not sure if I’d like the gum or not…


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