Days of Grace: 300/365

  1. Being able to say “I’ve been there!” with glimpses of New York City on the Today Show.
  2. First real workout in a week (other than walking all over New York City and dancing at parties).  Go, go, go elliptical and ab crunches!
  3. Water retention gone from all the travel, all the humidity, and all the walking/standing.
  4. An incredibly productive day writing at home.
  5. New York strip steaks from the butcher.
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3 Responses to Days of Grace: 300/365

  1. jessica says:

    1. Good news re: my career
    2. Great therapy session
    3. Got a chance to swim
    4. Dealt with certain things with grace and aplomb, for a change.
    5. wonderful dinner
    6. Great day with my kid.

  2. Scott K. Johnson says:

    Yay for all of that – but I’m a bit jealous of the productive day of writing… LOL!


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