1. An early morning walk with Karen in Central Park.  In a tutu.
  2. Excellent session on stoking your creativity.   And now ideas are flowing.
  3. Lower carb lunch options with grilled vegetables and Israeli couscous.  Nom nom nom.
  4. Getting enough alone time in the room after lunch.
  5. An early dinner of fish & chips (decent enough, though New England’s would be better, I’m sure) to cap off mildly disappointing afternoon plans (foot massage that didn’t happen and a session that wasn’t exactly what I expected).

2 Responses to “Days of Grace: 296/365”  

  1. 1 Scott K. Johnson

    I’m super jealous of #1 & #2. :-)

  2. 2 Karen

    Our early morning walk in Central Park was my favorite part of Friday. :) It was so pretty and peaceful and it was so great to get to have some time to talk away from all of the bustle of BlogHer. As for the Fish n Chips, next time you’ll have to spend a day (or few) in Connecticut and I’ll take you for New England Fish n Chips. And N.E. Clam Chowder too!!

    And Scott, come on out to NYC and bring your tutu – I’d love to walk in Central Park with you!!


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