Will I *heart* NY?

A few years back, I visited the Grand Canyon for the first time.  I wasn’t all that interested in that part of the trip, thinking, “oh gee, a big hole, whoop-di-do”.  Compared to Santa Fe and Las Vegas, the other destinations on our road trip, this was one for the husband to enjoy even though he had already been.

When we arrived, however, my mouth literally dropped.  Overwhelmed by its beauty and size, I completely and totally fell in love with the Grand Canyon.

Compare that to a more recent road trip that included a stop in San Francisco.  Back when I was seven, my parents and I traveled there for a convention related to my father’s job.  I loved it then, despite the cable cars being out of commission at the time due to an extensive renovation of the system.  The husband and I returned three years ago, when I ended up underwhelmed.  It’s a gorgeous setting and there is plenty to do, but it just doesn’t hold my breath like Chicago and Boston did as a child and continue to do as an adult.

And so, you can imagine that I am feeling a little freaked about finally visiting New York City later this week.  I might love it, or I might hate it.  I might be overwhelmed as I discovered with the Grand Canyon, or I could be underwhelmed as I experienced on my second trip to San Francisco.

I want to love it.  I want to be awestruck.   I suppose if I am disappointed, I will just have to spend all my time at the conference sessions and expo hall, huh?

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7 Responses to Will I *heart* NY?

  1. majorbedhead says:

    I hope you love it. I’m always reluctant to gush on and on about places I love in case people who visit there don’t see what I see. But oh, I love New York City. I love that it’s dirty and gritty and trying to pass Times Square off as a family place. I love the park, I love the architectural detailing that just litters the place. I love the smell of it. I love getting up early and seeing merchants hosing down their sidewalks. I love that it hums all the time – it’s one of the few places I fall instantly asleep with the windows open, drifting off to the sounds of the taxis and the rattle of buses going by. I love Grand Central Station and taking the subway and the Chrysler Building and all of it. When the train rounds that corner and I get my first glimpse of the city, my heart lifts and I just smile from ear to ear.

  2. Karen says:

    I too hope that you’ll love it. There is just something about NYC – some energy I feel there that I don’t feel anywhere else. So I hope you will absolutely love it and that we will all have a grand adventure there!! :)

  3. Diana Lee says:

    I’m excited to see something I haven’t seen in more than 15 years and compare my teenage impressions with my adult impressions. I think you’ll love it. I hope so, anyway!

  4. MD says:

    I think you’ll have a really good time and be amazed at the city that never sleeps. It’s like the Grand Canyon except you look up and not down.

  5. colleen says:

    Love it or not, I wish you a wonderful trip with tons of new experiences. I’m looking forward to reading all about it!

  6. Scott K. Johnson says:

    I think you’ll love it – heck, J’s description almost makes ME love it! I’ve never been either, but someday I hope to visit.

    And you’re right – if you don’t, you have some great company to focus on.

  7. Mother of a type 1 says:

    I feel the same way Major Bedhead does. I never get tired of New York. There is always something to see or somewhere to go: Central Park, the East Village, the Hudson River Walkway from Battery Park City, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Meatpacking district, Soho, Canal St., the West 70′s, Morningside Heights, the East 70′s and 80′s –each one of these is a different experience. And of course there is Midtown. If you like cities, I think you’ll like New York.


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