1. Seeing co-worker’s 9-day-old baby boy and feeling at peace.
  2. Knowing that I helped her out even just a little during a short maternity leave, just as she did me during my medical leaves.
  3. Annoying sales guy has left the company for greener pastures.
  4. Suebob and her tulle.  And her elderly father who helped cut a bunch of it before the big shipment to the Hilton for tutus at the BlogHer ’10 5k.  (Thank you.)
  5. Deciding to buy flashy business cards at the last minute and having the vendor place a “rush” on the order (via Twitter) so they arrive before I leave late Wednesday evening.
  6. Settling on a cheap option for airport transportation in NYC.  ($31 FTW!!)
  7. Waking up next to my husband.  And cats.
  8. Another couple of friends welcomed their baby girl this morning.
  9. Weekend with a quick week at the day job ahead.
  10. Impractical car, the kind a couple of DINKs would have…

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  1. 1 MD

    It’s the kind of car Double Income No Kids should have!


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