Oh, here I go with politics again…

For the second election season in a row, I have seen political advertising painted on the benches at a particular public transportation stop not far from my house (but not in the city in which I live).   This time, a Republican; last time a Democrat.

While I am most definitely a liberal and a Democrat, I would say that either party’s advertising does not belong at a RTD bus stop.  Or light rail stop, for that matter.  I see bus stops and park-n-rides and such as an extension of government, government which should be serving the people as neutrally as possible (ha ha, I know, right?).  Semi-permanent advertising for one candidate or another doesn’t seem quite right.  (I don’t like it when candidates come to the park-n-ride to do meet-n-greets, either.)

I know it is not RTD who maintains the area around the bus stops between stations and park-n-rides – that is left up to the municipalities involved.  I admit to not knowing who handles the painted advertising, though if someone reading this has the answer, I would like to know.

Does this happen in other parts of the United States?  What do you think about it?

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