Turn back the clock: Lost in New York.

I present my nine-year-old masterpiece entitled “Lost in New York”.  Mrs. Eisenhuth, my fourth grade teacher, would become the first in the line of many educators to notice decent writing ability.

Of course, reading through this the other day, I cringed at its relative simplicity.  It does show that I desired to visit New York City someday entirely based on my love for the movie Miracle on 34th Street.  But it also shows that I exhibited significant innocence at that age, particularly when you consider I wrote it in the days before Rudy Giuliani cleaned up the city as mayor.  Oh, and yeah, my childhood cat just happened to be a calico, and she just happened to be a kitten when I was in fourth grade.

No editing occurred, other than creating paragraphs where there were none.


It was a cold snowy evening and Mariann and Sherrey were walking down a New York City sidewalk on December 20th.  Four-year-old Sherrey and thirteen-year-old Mariann were scared.  They couldn’t find their Mother or Father anywhere.

They fell asleep on a corner on Main Street.  They woke up in the middle of the night and walked down the street and met a stray kitten.  They wanted to keep it.  They named it Kittenella.  It was a calico cat.

Later when they were going to sleep, a woman put a blanket on them so they wouldn’t be cold.  The kitten went to sleep on Sherrey’s beautiful long, red hair.

In the morning, people crowded around them.  People asked, “Are you lost?”

The girls got up and decided to go into Macy’s Department Store.  The girls asked Mrs. Sowski, a store clerk, if she had seen their mother, Mrs. Kinsline, but she said, “no”.

Later, they were looking at dresses for about an hour.  Then Mrs. Sowski decided to give them some soup for lunch.

Then, at about 5:15 , that evening, their Mother and Father came in the store.  The girls ran into their parents’ arms.  The girls felt lad to see their parents.

Sherrey asked, “Could we keep the kitten?”  Their parents said “yes” and bought them both a pretty new dress.  They had the best Christmas ever!!!!!!


And now, I shall finally visit the city of my dreams in just over three weeks for BlogHer ’10.  I don’t plan on getting lost.  Or bringing home a kitten.

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  1. Nice story.

  2. I love the innocence in that story that only a nine-year-old can have. These days, I’m really missing the illusion that the world is a safe place.

    I also had a good laugh when, after failing to find their parents, they decided on an hour of dress shopping. :)


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