Falling…but where, exactly?

A few months ago, it felt like my life was falling into pieces.

Now, it feels like it is falling into place.

Not even five weeks after surgery, I feel 100%.  (Other than some problems with blood sugar control that should resolve quickly once I’m back to working out 100% in a few days.)

I had a fantastic vacation visiting family and friends in the Midwest, leaving me feeling more relaxed than I’ve felt in years.

And I returned to the day job today to find that even if I hadn’t requested part-time hours, circumstances dictate that I will be headed to a part-time schedule anyways.   (There’s less worry I’d lose my job entirely, however.  Things finally feel stable for the first time in well over a year at the company.)

This is a good thing.  I have turned down too many opportunities, put off too many ideas, and stalled on writing my version of the Great American Novel.  I will have two days a week (on average) to focus my attention on diabetes blogging and advocacy as well as my other writing.   All the while I can keep up on my accounting skills at the day job.

(Still, there’s that voice inside me saying, “don’t get too excited, something’s bound to go wrong somewhere.”  I hate that voice.)

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4 Responses to Falling…but where, exactly?

  1. Olivejooice says:

    Glad you are feeling better! I hate that voice too, hopefully yours will shut up and let you be happy with where things are!

  2. Bob P says:

    I love it when a plan comes together – even when I didn’t make the plan. :)

  3. Karen says:

    Yay!!!! Now tell that voice to quiet down – and enjoy the fact that things are going really well. They WILL stay that way! :)

  4. Scott K. Johnson says:

    I think just working part-time will be a great thing for you! It will let you do more writing, which is a great thing for us! Sure – selfish motives here, but whatever. :-)


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