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The shortest post ever.

I am fearing today’s dentist appointment for filling a cavity much more than the open pelvic surgery next week.  Even the bowel prep for said surgery sounds much more appealing.

Yeah, the last couple dental cleanings have reignited a long-standing anxiety about people sticking sharp objects in my mouth.  At least I have the afternoon off work…

The storm before the calm.

Even as the calendar turns to April, there’s always one last burst of darkness before the light starts shining as far as my variation on seasonal affective disorder is concerned.  Unfortunately, this often coincides with my birthday, making me an emotional mess for such a happy day.  As such, the past few days have constituted the storm before the calm.

I suspect this year is more difficult than most, with the looming second surgery and all of its possible ramifications.   Not to mention the dread of each and every weekday, dragging myself into the day job, day in and day out.

Last night’s laughter (courtesy of humor websites and Saturday Night Live) gave way to a desire to get moving this morning.  Instead of going back to bed after breakfast like I have been for months, I chose to go for a walk in the morning sunshine.  I didn’t stop there – I made more progress on the spring cleaning of our yard, too.  An hour’s worth of exercise in sunlight instead of plopping back into a warm, safe bed has made a world of difference.

The storm clouds are clearing to give way to a view filled with optimism, hope, and calm.  I refuse to let this feeling end.

Second time around.

Here we go again.

Because it wasn’t enough to have an emergency laparotomy and have the JP drain placed for several days after surgery.

Because it wasn’t enough to have no fewer than five pelvic exams from no fewer than five different physicians in the month of December.

I need even more fun in my life.

Another laparotomy will be scheduled for late April or early May to take a second look at the appendix, bowel, and reproductive anatomy and to clean up any residual infection and scar tissue.  Only this time…

BOWEL PREP.   Because of the likelihood that things are still messy in my pelvis, there is a chance of nicking my bowel.   And a clean bowel is one much less likely to cause an infection if nicked.  Ahem.

Yeah, I didn’t need that image, either.


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