Days of Grace: 129-130/365

  1. Sunshine yesterday followed by light snow this morning followed by sunshine again this afternoon.
  2. The husband took me out to dinner…a wonderful dinner…tonight.
  3. The twitter laughter yesterday.
  4. New tasks to complete at work.
  5. New ideas to research at work.
  6. Coming up with a reasonable and coherent comment to Dr. Oz in response to his Huffington Post about diabetes.
  7. Seeing the diabetes online community join forces yet again on #5.
  8. Walked to my doctor appointment from work this afternoon.
  9. Lifting of all restrictions and eager to return to the elliptical this weekend.
  10. Knowing I’m in good hands no matter what happens from here.
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2 Responses to Days of Grace: 129-130/365

  1. jessica says:

    a great workout
    an audition thank you God
    took a risk and launched a new Vlog about my mother. Nervous but did it anyway
    great dinner
    night to myself

  2. MD says:

    I was going to watch the whole Oprah show yesterday when Oz was on talking about diabetes, but J and K stopped by. He said everything that was in the article. I will be interested in your response to what he wrote.


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