Days of Grace: 128/365

  1. Remembering a friend lost six years ago today.  Not for the way he passed, because there was nothing that could be Days of Grace-worthy about an unsolved hit-and-run.  But for the way he lived during his short life – full of kindness, full of intellect, full of faith.
  2. Knowing that he still touches all of the people who ever knew him.  Though he was more a friend of my husband’s from college days, I cannot escape the impact M made on my life.
  3. A year since saying goodbye to something else.  (Coincidence?  Not entirely.)
  4. Warm cats in a cold house.
  5. 72% pure dark chocolate.
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One Response to Days of Grace: 128/365

  1. MD says:

    I remember well how devastated you and Greg were by M’s death.

    I’m very proud of both of you for one year since saying goodbye.


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