Bored by the ‘net.

There’s only so much internet you can examine in a given day.

I never thought it possible, but there you have it.  That’s what you get when you’re recovering from surgery and don’t have much to do.

Oh, sure, I check e-mail and Facebook and Twitter a few times a day.  But other than a serious Sporcle addiction, I’d rather be reading or watching movies (like the fabulous Julie and Julia) or indulging in The Price is Right than surfing the ‘net.  That’s where my mind is.

Blogging?  Ha!  Not so much.  Even though I have a product that’s been sitting in my possession since before I got sick, I just don’t have the motivation yet.  There’s not much else exciting about my current daily life.  (Other than my bowel movements, of course, but I’ve decided that is just too much information for anyone but me.)

Perhaps this means I needed a mental break from the world as well as a physical break.

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  1. MD says:

    It can be a downer getting back up from surgery.


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