Dear Brett…

Dear Brett,

So today you decided not to retire after all.  Let’s see…

…You have Packer fans renouncing your greatness.

…You have Viking fans disinterested because of your little problem with the interceptions.

…You have Lion fans wishing it was their team who swayed towards your latest whim.

…You have Bear fans laughing and hoping that all the distraction will destroy the rest of the division, leaving their team at the top of the NFC North in January.

Thank you so much!


One of those Bear fans

Posted on August 18, 2009, in Football and other sports. Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. I can’t believe he’s at it again! Brett geesh

  2. So you’re admitting that’s what it takes to get the Bears on top these days. Look, from what I’m reading, Vikings fans are pretty excited about this.

    • The Viking fans I know aren’t impressed ;)

      I’m excited about the Bears chances with or without distractions in the NFC North, but I’ll take all I can get all the same.

    • I guess I’d be one of the not-so-thrilled Vikings fans….

  3. I’m still laughing about this! I can’t believe he doesn’t realize what he is doing to his history when he keeps trying to play!

    • I want to make up a LOL-cat like thing with the Hall of Fame jackets, Brett Favre, and FAIL.

      • It’s so true, what they say: that people love nothing more than watching other people fail. You’re all just dying to see someone’s success obliterated. ROTFL

      • I’m not actually wanting him to fail – I just happen to think he’s doing his past a grave disservice by stepping back on the field, not to mention all of his Packers fans.

  4. Okay, fair enough.


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