What I did LAST weekend.

Went to a family wedding near Pittsburgh on Friday evening:


Traveled with my husband in our POWERFUL and COMFORTABLE Toyota 4Runner to Washington, DC via West Virginia and Maryland on Saturday, visiting a scenic rest area along the way:


Saw the monuments and memorials at night once we arrived in the nation’s capital (after a delightful dinner at Zaytinya with a friend who lives in the area):


Twenty years ago this month, my mother and I had the occasion to take a night tour of the city during the lunar eclipse of August 17, 1989.  Last weekend’s experience was almost as awesome, but not quite ;).

Wanted to stop in and say hello to the residents at THIS house.  If they were home, that is:


On Sunday, we visited the US Holocaust Museum, then wandered over to the Smithsonian’s Air & Space and American History Museums.

Then, on Monday, before I headed to the airport and the husband headed off in the 4Runner to continue driving home (that’s a whole other post in the making), we stopped in Annapolis for sightseeing and lunch.   That included the Maryland State House, US Naval Academy, and an oyster / crab cake feast at McGarvey’s.

Hanging out in DC always reminds me how lucky I am to live in these United States, even during times of war and political wrangling.

(You want more photos?  Some are available  over at Flickr.)

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