Do You Miss the Kitties?

It appears that I haven’t run Friday cat blogging in a month, or so says somebody who mentioned it to my husband ;).

We haven’t been taking many pictures of the cats lately (and I haven’t been blogging much lately), but since there appears to be demand on kitty pictures, I’ll make a special effort to bring it back in April.  

The girls do have something to say now:

Maah – Neppie

Maaannnggg – Karelia

Maaooow – Kahlua

Hisssss – Perl

Hackhackhacksplat – Athena

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2 Responses to Do You Miss the Kitties?

  1. packetstrangler AKA DasGeek says:

    I have been wondering how the masters of the castle have been.

  2. M says:

    Hi Kitties, missed you, See you in April!


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