Two Weeks Under

Hey ladies over thirty, how much do you want to achieve success in the workplace and in romance?  Would you seek out untested weight loss plans or possible alternatives to plastic surgery?

Women in Rivka Tadjer’s novel Two Weeks Under seek weight loss and an alternative to plastic surgery by undergoing a two-week “coma” offered by a trendy Manhattan fitness company.  Yet some don’t emerge alive, with suicide determined the cause of death.  

One woman is able to discover the truth behind the seemingly magical experience, with help from a computer security expert with some of his own secrets.  What happens will make you think twice about attempting to achieve perfection.  

Tadjer’s background is in journalism, with an emphasis on our changing techno-centric society.   Keeping this in mind, her novel is part suspenseful science fiction and part commentary on society’s expectations of women in their thirties and beyond.  As a result, the writing can be simple at times, but there’s enough of a plot to keep the reader’s attention.

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