Heat Wave.

There should not be record high temperatures in Colorado in the middle of November.

But there are – we should push 80 degrees today.

As much as I’d prefer more seasonal weather (including snow), this is a great time for me to get back on track with exercise.  And getting out in the warm sun every day helps some of the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.  (Carb cravings – what are those???)   

I have an ambitious exercise schedule in mind – walking at lunch AND getting on the elliptical as soon as I get home at night.  That is, until the weather turns seasonal…if it does…snow?  please?

Posted on November 18, 2008, in Fitness, NaBloPoMo. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Oh, Rachel-

    I’d trade today’s 23 degrees and yesterday’s light snow for your heatwave in a heartbeat.

    In. a. Heartbeat. :-)

    Btw, thank you (and Greg) for the wonderful comments on my boy’s video. When we read the line about how diabetes “should be called ‘suck’” Joseph and I totally lost it. Awesome. :-)


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