Bears vs. Packers Sunday.

When we first moved to Wisconsin when I was 12, it had only been a couple years since the Bears had won their Super Bowl.  They were in the playoffs most years, while the Packers had been down in a world of hurt during the 1980′s.  

Then Brett Favre arrived on the scene in Green Bay.  I have to admit, during those first couple of Favre seasons, I paid attention to the Packers every much as the Bears.  I didn’t have many people who really wanted to trash-talk, anyways.  

That all changed when I went to college in Stevens Point.  I was surrounded by rabid Packers fans.  Honestly, those four years made me a better Bears fan, even as they were on the decline while the Packers were on the rise.  I felt all alone watching the 1997-98 Super Bowl in my tiny dorm room as I cheered for the Broncos to beat the Packers.  (By then, I’d met Greg and added the Broncos as my AFC team.)

In recent years, there was a close Bears-Packers game at halftime.  I vowed to do a shot of Greg’s habanero-infused vodka should the Bears pull off the win.  They did, and I had some nasty gutrot the next day.  

It disappoints me that we don’t get the Bears-Packers game at Lambeau on television today.  After a week of trash-talk with a Packers fan co-worker, I wanted to be able to yell and scream at the screen.   I’ll find some real-time play-by-play somewhere on the ‘net, I guess.  

Bears 30, Packers 20.

(Edit:  Actual score, Packers 37, Bears 3.  Poop.)

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