Find me.

It’s that point in NaBloPoMo where I must scramble to find material, especially with all my other writing responsibilities elsewhere.  So, I bring you…recent search terms that led people to this blog.  

“cats super bowl 2007″ – That’s an interesting concept, but we don’t have an even number of cats to make fair football teams.

“can cats be left alone overnight” – Of course, as long as a cat is healthy.  Scoop out the litter box and fill up water and food before you leave.  If we’re going to be gone longer than 48 hours, we have someone come in and take care of the cats’ needs.  

“nude women in their thirties” – Um, no. You will not find any naked pictures of me here, thanks.

“cotton mouth causes” – Too much diet soda, high blood sugar, sinus issues

“metformin makes me constipated” – I WISH.

“notices for office kitchens smells” – What???  Well, I did commit an office offense this week according to some of my co-workers who told me that my crab cakes (homemade by Greg) were making the “whole place reek”.

Posted on November 15, 2008, in Humor, NaBloPoMo. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Those are always so funny and strange. Thanks.

  2. A cat super bowl would be pretty entertaining though….

  3. packetstrangler AKA DasGeek

    Any person who does not care for the smell of crab cakes (reheated or otherwise) is probably an Al Qaida sleeper agent! Call Homeland Security and report this!


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