D-Blog Day.

I started writing about our household’s diabetes three years ago today, as part of D-Blog Day organized by Gina at Diabetes Talkfest.  I had been reading some of the few d-blogs that were around back then and finally decided that it was time to start writing, too.  

This year has been rough with respect to optimal diabetes care and just in the past few weeks, I’ve remembered how much the people of the Diabetes OC mean to me.   

More importantly, I have this wonderful husband who continues to support and encourage my writing.  Thank you, my dear.

(More on this subject at Diabetes Daily.)

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  1. I hope this next year goes smoother :)
    Happy D-Blog Day!

  2. Happy D-Blog Day to you!

    See my post today at http://www.diabetesmine.com/2008/11/d-blog-day-2008-a-whole-new-world.html

    Unfortunately, comments seem to be down at my site right now, but keep trying tomorrow, pleeeaaassseee…


  3. Minnesota Nice

    Happy D Blog Day, Rachel.
    May the days ahead be filled with good health and well being.

  4. Rachel,
    I hope this year is a good one for you. Remember, you mean a lot to all of us, too.

  5. Rachel,

    I hope that things run smoother for you in the coming year. And good luck with the Chick-lit!

  6. Sandra Miller

    Funny, over the past few weeks I’ve remembered the same thing.

    Happy D-Blog Day,Rachel!

    (And… Yes, we did!!! Go Bama!!)

  7. Happy D-Blog Day. Thanks for taking the time to share your life with me and everyone. I wish you long life and health.


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