Olympic observations.

  1. The Water Cube is awesome, inside and out.  Seriously, if I was a swimmer (which I’m not because I swim like a dork) or a diver (uhh, no, the fear of heights thing), I’d want the opportunity to swim or dive there.  
  2. That being said, synchronized diving is crap.  I don’t like the contrived sports like this and synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics.  Give me steeplechase or weightlifting or even table tennis, but not this…please.
  3. Used to be, I loved gymnastics, basketball, and swimming in the Olympics.  These days, my top viewing includes rowing, soccer, beach volleyball, and still…swimming (but, of course, leave the synchronization out of it). 
  4. I have to admit it seems the “girl” gymnasts are starting to look more like women, at least from the United States, and that’s an improvement over the borderline eating disorder cases that have been seen in past years.

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  1. Allison Blass

    I think synchronized diving is pretty cool, and it must be hard… it’s just like normal diving but with two people, so I don’t see how that’s all that contrived. Rhythmic gymnastics, however, I’m totally with you. Anything with ribbons should be banned.

    I also agree that it’s nice to see the gymnasts actually look healthy and muscular. Some of those girls are actually pretty bulky, which I think is nice because they should! They need muscles to do what they’re doing. No stick figures please.

  2. Those little gals on the Chinese women gymnastic team are no more 16 than I am. Passports validate their age. Bogus!

    While I’m not much on conspiracy theories, I have a pretty strong feeling that the Chinese running the team finals, psyched out Alicia Sacramone before her balance beam routine. Only one point separated the US from China at that time, and for some unknown reason, Alicia was left pacing around the beam. The score of the previous athlete had been announced and no reason was given for the delay. She was even called to the beam, but there was a mysterious time gap before she was allowed to proceed. Then she muffed her difficult mount to the beam. I just can’t help but wonder. She even talked about it on the Today Show the next morning.


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