What 6.5% means to me.

It’s this feeling.  This feeling of being all alone, without anyone who has been on my exact path before me.

Type 2, diagnosed before age thirty.  Struggling to balance work and life and everything that happens in between.   I should be okay, with the type 1 husband to show me the way and all, you know.

I know very few people who feel the way I do.  I can count on one hand those who do, actually.

I’m trying not to overeat, trying not to live up to the stereotype of type 2, but I often fail.

I’m trying to exercise, trying to excel where other type 2′s hit a wall, but I often fail.

This is a struggle I wish I could win.  I wish I could pull ahead of the crowd.

But I am not.  And I keep on struggling.

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  1. Laura Williams

    I think for most of us it’s always going to be a struggle. Some days, weeks, are easier, then you hit a hard patch, struggle through till it eases off again.

    Struggling is not failure. There may be people not on your exact path, but there’s a lot of shared difficulty, pain, joy and hope. I think keeping going, keeping trying, is the important bit. You’re not failing because you’re not giving up.

  2. Things will settle down again. Recent events have made it so much more stressful for you. We’re all here for you.

  3. Minnesota Nice

    Oh gosh, Rachel. Been there, done it, many times over.
    I don’t know what the answer is, except to trust that things will get better. The currents of life carry us on, sometimes to difficult places, and then again out into calmer waters.
    I wish you better days ahead.

  4. talesofmy30s

    Thanks for all your kind words. I can only hope this weekend of renewal has helped get me out of the self-pity rut.

  5. Scott K. Johnson

    Hey Rachel, thinking of you as you pull through this. We’re all here for you and are all pulling for you.

  6. Maniacally Monday

    I think you wrote the post i’ve been wanting to write for the last three months.


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