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(No, I’m not talking about the bike I hardly use.  I’m talking about the female cycle.  Read no further if this subject makes you uncomfortable.)

I find relief when I begin each and every period.  Well, okay, after nearly twenty years of menstruating, I haven’t gotten entirely used to the process.  But lately, I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend in the relationship between my cycle and diabetes control.  

From the moment I start my period until I begin PMS symptoms three weeks later (give or take a day or two), I have a good handle on blood sugar readings as long as I exercise and take my metformin.  Diet doesn’t seem to matter too much – I can get away with sushi or pizza with blood sugars within post-prandial range.  

That last week of every cycle gets me and gets me good.  Despite good intentions, I end up binging on carbs and end paying for it with high blood sugars and high emotions (despite the metformin and the exercise).  

I’ve noticed it for over a year, but it’s about time I start paying attention.  At the sight of that first fasting blood sugar out of range, I need to stay in control and stick to lower-carb options.   I can’t continue to feel out of control one week out of every month.  I just can’t.  Because otherwise, the idea of a home hysterectomy kit is sounding mighty tempting to me and those around me…



Diabetes in common…with the Broncos QB?

Jay Cutler, quarterback of the Denver Broncos football team, has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

“Recently diagnosed”, he turned 25 on Monday.

Greg expressed his sense of humor (or in all seriousness, you decide) by wondering if Cutler has a published e-mail address because he could give him some tips.  Oh, and he wondered if the QB will have access to endless test strips as a high-paid football player ;).



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