Dressy poll.

If you received an ice-blue sapphire necklace for your birthday…and you were going to one of the more elegant restaurants in the area for your anniversary…and you had spent two hours at the mall searching for a dress without any luck, what would you do?

(Oh, and it could be that you might wear the same dress to an upcoming family wedding, but not absolutely positively sure about that.)

(Any other suggestions from Anthropologie or Ann Taylor Petites would be appreciated. But not the Crossover Knit Dress with Ruched Waist at AT – it doesn’t come in my size. DARNIT.)

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  1. To be completely honest (I hope you don’t mind), the “old stand-by” really looks too old (as in you are way too young to wear it) for you.
    I like “another little black dress”, “may match a pair of shoes”, and “the little black dress,” in that order. Good luck finding the perfect dress!

  2. I like the first black dress.

  3. I vote the first black dress or the one right next to it.
    And I agree with Jillian’s comment. :)

  4. I like either of the black dresses. A little black dress would really highlight the necklace. :)

  5. I vote first black dress.

  6. Either of the blue dresses. The polka-dot one comes closer in color to bring out the necklace, but the other one is I think just a touch more sophisticated.

  7. Going with black dress A or B. It would make a lovely canvas to show off your beautiful necklace!

  8. Maniacally Monday

    I like the second little black dress, but that second one – the one with the dark blue trim … GORGEOUS. and i know the model has her hair down, but with a cutie little twist with the ends all loose and flowy, that would be wonderful, and give you lots of room to show off the new necklace.

  9. I like the first dress with the blue – it’s fun and says summer to me. It’s elegant, but it says, I’ve got personality. :)

  10. I like “another little black dress”; the blue dress with the dots would be my second choice.

  11. talesofmy30s

    Thank you all for “voting”.

    Jillian & Sara> and here I thought my old stand-by made me look too young…

    Kerri> oh, she, the mistress of little black dresses… (Ok, I had to look at your photo albums on Facebook today to see if you had the one I bought.)

    MM, Nicole, Tracy> Thinking about buying that one off the ‘net. Just ’cause. Another option for the necklace this summer!


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