Monthly Archives: April 2008

The plan.

Numbers tumble around in my head.

All those A1C results under 6.0%, how did I get here?

I must be doing something right with diet, with those fabulous cholesterol numbers as proof.  (Yeah yeah, I’m not perfect, as that 264 after a sushi dinner or that 239 after a quick cereal breakfast would show.   When there are balanced meals involved, I find myself happily in range.)

I must be controlling stress, with that absolutely normal blood pressure reading.  (Trust me, right now there are plenty of sources of stress in my life, but I’ve been able to work through it all without panic attacks – a huge thing for me.)

But I’m not exercising nearly enough and it’s causing problems with blood glucose control.

Problems that are leaving me tired and cranky.  Problems that could easily induce a nasty series of panic attacks under the right conditions.

Problems that could erase those fabulous cholesterol numbers and that absolutely normal blood pressure reading if I don’t get my A1C back under 6.0%.

Signed up for a 5k walk, with thoughts of 5k runs before too long.  Planning a garden in the backyard.  Dusting off the balance ball and bicycle.  They’re all part of my grand plan to get back to my A1C comfort zone come August.

The answers.

Thyroid is fine.

Metabolic panel was normal for liver and kidney function.

Cholesterol is awesome – HDL of 61 and LDL of 72; triglycerides a touch high at 142, but not horribly high like in my twenties when that part was hovering around 300.   I attribute the cholesterol levels to less cheese consumption and almost no cow’s milk consumption.

Yeah, yeah, about that A1C.  I’m at 6.5%.  This is my highest A1C ever.  At my type 2 diagnosis in March 2005, it was 6.4% and since then I’d been able to keep it between 5.4%-5.7%.  I have a battle plan in mind to lower this sucker, but that’ll have to wait for my next post.  I’m sulking tonight, thank you very much.


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