Lancet history.

Lancets.  When you have diabetes of any kind, there’s no ignoring them.

One of my first lessons post-diagnosis is that it would be a total pain in the butt to change lancets for every single use.  If this tells you anything, Greg still uses lancets that were originally intended for his maternal grandfather.  (Grandpa, who was type 2, passed away in September 2002.)   Greg is one of those longtime type 1′s who only changes lancets when they get too painful (and only changes syringes when the needle becomes too dull).

As for me, I use the lancet pen for OneTouch blood glucose meters.  Typically, I change lancets every vial or two of test strips.  That comes out to roughly 33 lancets per year.  And that makes sense when you consider I’m approaching the third anniversary of diagnosis and the arrival of the first meter.  So it shouldn’t be any surprise that I’m only approaching the bottom of the first of the three boxes of lancets received through prescription shortly after diagnosis.

Perhaps conserving lancets makes up for the pricey test strips.  Oh, alright, nothing makes up for the pricey test strips…

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  1. I still have several boxes of lancets from 10 years ago, unopened. The mail order company sent one with every vial of test strips back then.

    Oh, and I short myself on syringes too. I can usually use one needle for 4-5 shots before it gets too painful. We PWDs can be a little sadistic, eh? :)


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