Then and now.

Yesterday, there was a record high of 74 degrees in the Denver area. Today, there has been snow, wind, and cold. This is typical for the months of March and April along the Front Range of Colorado, though. (And does it ever mess with my seasonal depression…) Granted, the winter here has been nothing like family and friends back in Wisconsin and Illinois have experienced, but still…the dramatic change in weather overnight was very much a rude awakening.

We’ve been visiting new versions of restaurants we once enjoyed in different locations. Both Laudisio in Boulder and Savoy Brasserie in Fort Collins continue to serve food that is delicious (and decadent), with less formality (and maybe slightly less impact on the wallet).

Greg’s dad recently finished converting all their old videotapes to a digital format. So far, the most notable video is the first one, which is a road trip to New Mexico that the family took for spring break shortly after Greg’s type 1 diagnosis on March 6, 1986. I’d seen a few pictures from the trip, but the video really showed how must have lost weight prior to the diagnosis. It was also during this same year that Greg went from calling his parents “Mommy and Daddy” to “Mother Dear and Father Dear”. (If you see MD in the comments from time to time, yes, that would be his mother.)

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