The advance.

So, an international study larger than ACCORD has found no increased mortality risk in similar circumstances as the controversial study. ADVANCE also involved individuals at high risk (for what? for complications in general? for heart disease?) with type 2 diabetes. Just goes to show that studies are just studies and who really knows the facts…

My own advances…

I’ve managed at least SOME exercise every day since Friday. From three elliptical workouts to three walks of varying length, it’s been done.

Less than 12 ounces of diet soda consumed today. Planning on consuming none of it tomorrow, especially after the positive effect green tea had for my pick-me-up needs today.

Bringing my Macbook for writing during the commute and lunch break proved successful yesterday. Despite frustration and exhaustion, I’m committed to staying around a bit longer with the contract situation. Beyond that, who really knows…

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