Tuesday updating.

Still consuming some diet soda, but not as much as I was.  I’m even more convinced that the stuff isn’t good for me with the latest news about possible increased risk of metabolic syndrome.  Now to convince my body that it wants the caffeine from tea rather than from diet soda…  (Hey, it’s worked before…)

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but there is a decent Valentine’s-themed Grand Rounds out there at HealthBlawg.  I can easily indulge in that while I try my hardest avoiding the dessert potluck at the office on Thursday.   (Does anyone really need multiple servings of dessert for lunch, regardless of health status?)

OK, time for a morning workout on the elliptical.

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  1. Rachel, that stuff is nasty… all the garbage that goes into those products is disgusting. I stopped coke cold turkey a year ago… and I’ve cut out about 95% of fast food. I only go to semi-fast food places now… a lot better than the McDs and BKs and TBs. UGH.

    Tea is the bomb. I will hook you up if you’d like to try some good stuff. I drink tea daily. I rarely even drink coffee anymore… maybe once a month? I (almost) miss Starbucks!

  2. I am sending you some tea in Sarah’s MK box. 4 tsp of each = 4 cups (8 oz) of tea. Seep 2-4 min each tea. Black teas use boiling water, green teas use almost boiling water.

  3. C> wow, thanks! I enjoy green & oolong, mostly. And I know the diet soda is nasty, but sometimes just what I (think I) need.


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