Sussy…all the way from New Zealand.


From M: Includes a 2008 datebook* , a couple of kitty notebooks, New Zealand postcard and magnetic notepad, and a lovely bracelet.

More pics will be available over at Flickr sometime soon!dsc_0697.jpg

*M says “The red bits in the diary cover are Pohutakawa (try pronouncing that!). It’s our native tree that generally flowers around Christmas time then rains little bits everywhere like red snow!”

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  1. VERY COOL. You have the coolest sussy since it came from so far away!!!!! I think the Pohutakawa flowering red rain bits like snow is very appropriate for us diabetes folk–the red like blood, like red snow! Makes me think of Peter Gabriel’s song “Red Rain is falling down, falling down on me….” love that!

  2. I just got mine today too! It came from Singapore. I guess they both had very long trips, but were well worth it!

  3. Minnesota Nice

    Far out – looks like it was worth the wait.

  4. Amylia> :) now I really feel guilty about not being able to put my own personal touch on Colleen’s sussy, though. ;) Ah well.

    Jillian> Awesome!

    MN> Sure was.

    So glad it finally arrived :)

    Made me nervous wondering if I could find the right things to send, wondering if you’d like it, wondering if it would get there, etc. This sussy stuff is stressful lol. Also very cool!

    Amylia – I love Peter Gabriels soppy songs! I’ll think of that red rain song every time I see a Pohutakawa in flower now!


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