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Reading other writers.

I’m not sure which is my true passion – reading or writing. There are books which I slowly consume in order to enjoy every last bit…and there are books that I must devour and cannot put down (and enjoy ever bit as much). The book I read this weekend falls into the latter category, alongside such favorites as Crossing California by Adam Langer and Sweet Invisible Body by Lisa Roney. This weekend, I found myself devouring yet another book, one by the name of Schuyler’s Monster.dsc_0784.jpg

Is it because I’ve been a lurker on the author’s website for the past couple of years? Perhaps. I’m sure when Laurie‘s book is published later this year I will feel a need to devour yet another book. (OK, OK, I’m sure I’ll never get over the amount of talent I’ve been surrounded with as part of the greater blogging community, whether the journalistic style of Amy and Kassie or the more literary types.) With each of my previous examples of books I simply cannot put down, there has been some sort of connection or another. Crossing California set in Chicago; Sweet Invisible Body being a memoir about living with type 1 diabetes.

But the book is receiving all sorts of attention, from People to Weekend America to excerpts published in other national magazines. So it isn’t just little old lurker me with my review on GoodReads …

“A father takes us on his family’s difficult journey. From the moment she was six months old, Schuyler captivated her father. Little did he and his wife know at the time, but they were in for quite the ride, filled with sadness and despair, as they slowly discovered the cause behind Schuyler’s inability to speak. Robert Rummel-Hudson tells it like it was, full of strain on their marriage, on relations with complete know-it-all strangers, and with teachers and administrators who thought they knew what was best for their daughter. His ability to find humor in even some of the darkest moments amazes me, as does his attempts to reconcile feelings about the existence of God in light of his daughter’s struggles with her monster – bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria.”

Tales of tooth #19.

Shooting, searing pain through my jaw up through tooth #19 is not my idea of an alarm clock.  I can handle Perl waking me up before the actual alarm goes off, but this was a much more rude awakening on Thursday morning.

So, instead of making progress at work on Friday*, I spent the morning in the dentist’s office and waiting around at the pharmacy to fill prescriptions.  Since the pain was fairly intolerable at that point, I opted to start the antibiotics I’d been given for infected tooth #19 along with vicodin rather than head into work on a Friday afternoon.  It is uncertain whether the tooth simply needs a filling replaced or if a root canal is needed on March 10.

Some lessons learned:

1. As I grow older, I’m growing to be less of a hypochondriac and more of a person with real medical (and dental!) issues.

2. One vicodin makes me loopy. Two vicodins knock me out for nine hours.

3. Remember to ask about drug interactions. Vicodin and amoxicillin aren’t going to mess with metformin and levothyroxine, but I should have asked anyways instead of waiting until I’d already taken the vicodin that made me loopy.

4. Not feeling like eating leads to fewer calories consumed which leads to fasting blood sugar readings under 100.  Too bad I feel too weak to workout when I don’t consume a certain number of calories…

*Oh, by the way, I will be starting back as a regular employee on Monday. Cross your fingers I find my social security card by then.

Did my breasts cause my diabetes?!?

Paxil. Undiagnosed hypothyroidism. Bad habits regarding food and exercise. All contributors to weight gain and eventual type 2 diabetes diagnosis at ohmygoshsocloseto29.

And now, I have yet another possible cause of type 2 – my breast size at age 20. You see, some Canadian researchers determined that women with D-cups or larger at age 20 have an almost quintuple chance at type 2 diabetes.

Back then, I was a scrawny 120 pounds (if that). Years of the weight yo-yo have seen me as high as 180, now I’m at 140-145. One thing has remained the same – breast size.

I knew big boobs were a curse. ;)


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