How to Look Good Naked.

How To Look Good Naked.  I have to admit, I was skeptical.  Carson Kressley hosting a show where women are shown that their bodies are amazing, no matter what size – how can a gay man really impact how a straight woman feels about herself?  In only the first episode, he showed how women’s expectations of themselves are much different than reality.  I was expecting a lecture at the end where Carson would tell woman-of-the-episode that they needed to lose weight NOW because that’s what media does.  But he didn’t…and that’s awesome.

As I’ve begun to feel over the past several months, I feel confident with my own body.  Yes, I am a size 12 and at the upper end what my BMI tells me is acceptable.  But what matters is that I’m touting a 5.5 A1C as a type 2 diabetic.  I am usually exercising four or five times a week and usually eating healthy food, except when I’ve been dealing with a nasty cold as I have been this past week.  So what if I’m not losing weight?  It’s the blood test results that truly matter.

It seems more Americans are sharing my view, saying no to diets and saying yes to healthy lifestyles.  Instead of pricey diet plans that don’t “stick” for the long-term, more people are finding that portion control and designing their own weight loss plans are what is working for them.

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  1. The female body… is is a work of wonder and amazement.

  2. I watched this last night too. I thought it was amazing when she placed her self as having hips 6 inches larger than they actually were. I also loved that in the previews they showed he would work with women who were (in my opinion) thin/what is acceptable and they also didn’t like their bodies.
    I’m glad for your successful healthy eating lifestyle and great a1c!!!

  3. Chris> ;) I’m glad you think so.

    Jillian> I’m glad you liked it, too!


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