2007 in Review.

As I’ve already mentioned, this has been an awesome year for my writing between the dLife gig, the mention in Allison‘s Diabetes Self-Management article, and the new FitFare gig (part of the WellFed Network).

Outside of writing, it has been a rough, tough year. Metformin was a huge change in my diabetes care regimen. I went from loving my job to dreading each and every weekday for a myriad of reasons. And all the while, I’ve had to deal with some private issues that have left me rather numb.

Still, I want to thank whoever reads this for sticking out the year with me (and making the switch to the new URL).

Last year, I posted a year in review meme that specified posting the first line of the first post of each month of the year. Kerri amended it to be the first line of the most definitive post of each month of the year. And so, a new meme was born.

Here is my own 2007 in review:

January: “You’re not like the other girls,” D exclaimed, “you are nice.”

February: The mission: Set up an elliptical in less than 2 hours.

March: I couldn’t resist. I had to check to see if things were in place when I got home from work. And they were.

April: …and so because I can’t quite sleep yet, my top five list of what we did on vacation.

May: I asked Greg to write about what he likes about multiple daily injections and what his fears about an insulin pump are.

June: I had already reached my destination when I realized what I had done.

July: The tree is gone. Finally GONE.

August: As someone who deals with anxiety issues 24/7, I try not to think of “what if’s”.

September: This is where I get brutally honest about life with type 2 diabetes.

October: “Just a second, there’s a fatass in my way.”

November: It just doesn’t make any sense.

December: Bon Appetit for inspiration, blood glucose meter for the reality check.

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  1. I hope 2008 brings more of the good, less of the bad. Looking forward to reading about it here. Happy New Year!

  2. 2007 looks like it was decent.

    Here’s to a great 2008!

  3. Laurie Edwards

    Congrats on the accomplishments of 2007, and may 2008 bring even more positives!

  4. Thank you all for the well-wishes!

  5. Bernard Farrell


    Congrats on a wonderful 2007 and best wishes for a trouble free and plain sailing 2008.

    BTW, how did you land the dLife gig? Curious minds want to know.

  6. Bernard> I’d ask Kerri about that one. ;)


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