Limping along.

Another case of tendonitis. For the third time in less than two years, I am experiencing moderate pain surrounding a joint, rendering regular activity impossible. Rest, naproxen sodium, and ice are my friends this weekend, along with a couple of books, laptop, and football on TV.

I understand that tendonitis can be more prevalent in people with diabetes, so I believe it is no coincidence that the three cases of tendonitis have occurred since my type 2 diagnosis. Okay, so I’ve also increased my physical activity in the 2+ years after diagnosis, so there’s a better chance of developing sports-related injuries. Remember, it was only a month ago that I struggled with post-kickball soreness.

But this time is different. The first two times involved my elbow. I was able to go for walks and work on the balance ball.

This time involves my right ankle*. Which means little exercise for me. Which means frustration. (Though not nearly as much frustration as Friday’s 45-minute wait at the lab for the A1C in preparation for Thursday’s first endo appointment on metformin, though. Another possible story for another possible time…)

I believe it is related to those worn-out running shoes I’ve been wearing for exercise while searching for another pair or two of the same model. So, along with making a home in my recliner this weekend, I went ahead and ordered the “new and improved” model of the shoes I love. Because I can’t go through another bout of ankle tendonitis. Nope, not when my health depends on exercise.

*I haven’t had it formally diagnosed, but seeing as the treatment of Aleve, ice, and rest is working quite well, I don’t think it is something worse.

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