A noticeable difference.

“Have you lost weight?”

Those words helped me through another tough day at the day job.

Those four words encouraged me to stop the PMS-induced binge eating spree.

Those four little words inspired me to work out despite not feeling my best this evening.

Those four little magic words made me feel better about myself.

It wasn’t the scale talking back at me telling me that I’ve only lost five pounds since starting the metformin/strict diet/strict exercise regimen. It wasn’t the meter talking back at me telling me I’m not restricting my carb intake enough. It was a co-worker noticing that something had changed.

She has only known me a few months, only after I regained those twenty pounds. She has no idea how hard I’ve worked to maintain a healthy weight, no idea the struggles I face each day with diabetes. And she has no idea how much it meant to hear those words today.

Posted on July 23, 2007, in Diabetes, Health. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Good to see you have a hightened awareness of your issues regarding weight and diabetes.

    Don’t give up.

  2. packet-strangler

    Hard for me to believe that you are carrying 20 pounds “extra”. I’m not sure where..
    But stick to it, buddy!

  3. Scott K. Johnson

    What a nice little “boost”!

  4. Orhan> Thank you for the encouragement.

    D> It’s there, trust me.

    Scott> Definitely!


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