The wall.

169. That is what the meter read at 3AM.

The morning after spaghetti alla carbonara and the endocrinologist appointment that changed my diabetes care regimen.

169. That is what let me know I had made the right decision with regards to the metformin prescription. Those without diabetes diagnoses wouldn’t get readings at 169 in the middle of the night, right?

The A1C result wasn’t bad, only 5.7, only a little bit higher than my results in 12/05, 7/06, and 12/06…all which were 5.4. It was the deviation that concerned me for months before this appointment – headed towards 250 some mornings after breakfast, 200 after dinner.

Even with the excitement of the dLife gig, there were some personal disappointments that caused great stress. Even with increasing exercise and trying desperately to stay away from the tempting sweets around my office, I couldn’t work past those deviations in blood sugar readings or lose the weight I’d gained. No amount of exercise, no amount of diet adherence helped, and my thyroid levels were about as perfect as they could be.

Sure, I could have changed to a strict, low-carb diet with more exercise. But I knew that wasn’t realistic. I work an 8-5 job along with my fledgling writing career and don’t have the extra time for strenuous exercise or cooking three meals a day. I’m doing the best I can, but it just isn’t good enough right now.

So, here I am. Mostly because there are constraints surrounding the day job this coming week, I am waiting until next weekend to begin the metformin. I wanted to be prepared, to combat the possible side effects from all angles and have the option to stay home for a day or go home early if the side effects become too treacherous.

There were other options – Januvia and Byetta to be specific. I opted against Januvia because of the uncertainty surrounding a new medication on the market; Byetta still seems open to me if metformin doesn’t work or doesn’t agree with me.

I don’t have to be on metformin forever. 6, 9, or 12 months of it may provide the oomph I need to continue with the diet & exercise regimen further on down the road.

I haven’t failed. I hit a wall in my diabetes treatment regimen and I need a little help to move ahead.

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  1. Oh no – good luck with the metformin.

  2. You haven’t failed at all! Metformin is a great choice. Some people take it even with pre-diabetes. You have done well so far, and that a1c kicks some butt. I still want to hear more details about your doctor discovering your blog.

  3. packet-strangler

    If it will help…I can send you some South Beach stuff for the dietary side of the equation.
    I know Greg has my contact information if you are at all interested…

  4. Scott K. Johnson

    Hi Rachel,

    We all need a little help with this. It is nothing to feel bad about.

    And man – those A1C’s are super great! Do they make G jealous? :-)

  5. Moos> Thank you. It’s going to be different from where I am now.

    Megan> I don’t know what more there is to say – the doc found my blog. Ah well. That post has been found by a lot of people needing the information I had to investigate for myself.

    D> I’m pretty well set with the diet information…it’s just having the necessary self-control that’s the problem.

    Scott> I’m feeling so relieved compared to feeling bad about it. I’m sure the A1C’s are causing jealousy, even though we both know I need a little help with some of the readings.


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