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I have said it before, I am sure I will say it again.

Waiting is the hardest part.

As we began our “relaxing” 3-day weekend filled with my training walks and several household chores, my husband picked me up from work following his routine bloodwork. You know the drill…A1C, kidney function, liver function, all the diabetes fun stuff besides a fasting lipid panel, which his endo determined only had to be done once a year now that he’s stable on 80 mg of Zocor. (Forget that I think that is way too high of a dose, that’s not important right now.)

We were sitting in traffic, admiring the thunderstorms coming over the foothills of Boulder.

Then he hits me with this statement. “Based on what my meter tells me my averages are, I’d say I’m in for an A1C in the low 8′s.”

What…the…f—?, I think to myself. I know that A1C tests end up being slightly lower than meter averages, but still, that is way too high for my husband. For 10+ years, he experienced fairly consistent A1Cs of 6.4 to 6.9 after tumultous adolescent and early college years of A1Cs in the 9′s. Yes, the entire time I have known him, he has been in very good control.

That is, until last December with a 7.5. His hypoglycemic seizure in November 2004 caused a bit of panic and he has avoided being on even the high end of low, but now I think there’s more to an A1C in the low 8′s than that. It does not make sense with how our lifestyle has changed since my type 2 diagnosis and all.

What it is, I don’t know and he doesn’t know. Once the A1C results come back next week as Greg expects from the meter averages, I sure hope the endo has some idea. But for now, it is all about the waiting.

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…my week.

Good: S1955 failed on a cloture vote, which makes it impossible for the bill to be considered in the future.

Good: I will be employed through the end of June, if not permanently. Details about part-time vs. full-time will be worked out later. Life is definitely busy between work and Avon Walk training and home.

Bad: I have been knocked on my ass with a nasty cold the past couple days. I enjoyed a Wendy’s fast food meal last night, complete with medium Frosty to relieve my sore throat. 90 minutes post-prandial reading was 207. Yikes, I have not seen a reading that high in MONTHS, but I am not stressing because I know the illness is impacting my blood sugar readings. In fact, I had excellent post-prandial readings after breakfast and lunch today.

Being sick without the luxury of any sick time really bites, especially these days when dealing with chronic illnesses on top of being sick. I figure it is bad karma biting me in the ass from the days at the medical manufacturer when I would call in sick with only the slightest bit of a headache or a cough. I must salute my wonderful husband for making or picking up dinner every night and doing some household chores this week while I have come home to rest.

Bad: Colorado Avalanche are facing elimination from the NHL playoffs this evening at home against the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.


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