Monthly Archives: April 2006

Spending my time doing good things.

I spent yesterday morning participating in Diabetes Day at the Colorado State Capitol.

I met staff members from the Colorado office, who were conducting type 2 diabetes risk tests for legislators, their staff, and Capitol staff. I met parents of children with type 1 diabetes, I met children with type 1 diabetes, I met a woman who was concerned about her friends being diagnosed one after another with type 2 diabetes. We were all there to educate our state legislators and to hope that if needed, they will contact us in the future. Although I did not get to meet with either my state senator or state representative, I spoke briefly with my senator’s aide and left my contact information.

There is not currently any legislation that would affect people with diabetes in Colorado, but of course, the advocacy staff of the American Diabetes Association was all abuzz regarding S. 1955 in the US Senate. It is unfortunate that they have all but written off one of Colorado’s US Senators because it is quite obvious Sen. Allard plans to vote for S. 1955, but Sen. Salazar is still undecided.

I was impressed by the ADA’s efforts and learned so much about the advocacy branch of the organization. They will most certainly continue to have my support.


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